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We price our Thompson Bibles as low as possible in hopes that
anyone can afford to purchase their own copy of this wonderful study Bible.

Select Your Favoite Version of the Thompson Chain Reference Bible
Thompson Chain Reference Bibles - King James Version
King James Version
Thompson Chain Reference Bibles - New American Standard Version
New American Standard
Thompson Chain Reference Bibles - New International Version
New International Version
Thompson Chain Reference Bibles - New King James Version
New King James Version

Most Bibles are available in handy, regular, and large print sizes, as well as
genuine leather, bonded leather, Deluxe Kirvella, and hardback. A variety of colors are also available.
Boomers Supply is an authorized dealer of Kirkbride Thompson Chain Bibles

About Thompson Chain Bibles
Thompson Chain Bibles Thompson® Bibles are unique. Each Thompson Bible is carefully hand-crafted, one at a time, using the finest Bible paper, leathers and craftsmanship.
Thompson Bibles are made for those who use their Bibles every day. A Thompson study Bible will help you in ways other Bibles can't. It's the unique Chain-Reference® System that allows you to follow any subject, person, place or idea, from the front of your Bible to the end. Thompson users say it's the best way to study your Bible. No other Bible has this superb, patented, ''Chain-Reference System'' developed by Dr. Frank C. Thompson in 1890. Since that time, Kirkbride Bible Company has been adding thousands of additional topics and links. The Thompson you buy today has over 100,000 links covering over 7,000 topics. Every page is stuffed with treasure. Your Thompson Bible will become a trusted friend.
Your Thompson Bible comes with extras, found only in premium study Bibles, like gold-foil gilded pages and double-sided real silk ribbon bookmarks. Your Thompson can also be personalized with your name in gold on the cover. For super-swift researching you can order your Thompson ''thumb indexed.''
Choosing a Thompson Bible is a personal choice. All Thompson regular sized Bibles are available in a variety of covers, colors and translations. If you would like a lifetime of use, we recommend the leather covers. You'll find our leather Bibles are exquisite.

Thompson Chain-Reference Bible® features:
  • More than 100,000 topical references
  • Updated Archaeological Supplement with photos and maps
  • Outline studies of each book of the Bible
  • Journey maps and Bible harmonies
  • Biblical Atlas
  • Bible Book Outlines
  • Biblical Atlas

About Dr. Frank Charles Thompson
Frank Charles Thompson Dr. Frank Charles Thompson

As a fledgling preacher in the 1800s Frank Charles Thompson realized that the reference Bibles being sold to preachers at that time were lacking in their organization and ease of use. He believed God's word could be produced in a simpler, yet scholarly way and that a well-organized reference Bible would be of practical use to layman as well as ministers. So in 1890 Dr. Thompson began his life work on what would become the Thompson Chain Reference Bible.
He continued his research and completed the "thought suggestions", listing them next to verses throughout the Bible for his own personal use in composing his sermons. These became the "chain-links" which are the center of the chain reference system. Members of his church suggested that this would be a big help to them in their own Bible study. They encouraged him to have his Bible, with all it's margin references, published so that everyone could benefit from the use of this helpful study tool.
In 1908, the first edition of the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible® was published by Methodists Book Concern of Dobbs Ferry, New York. It soon gained a reputation as the most helpful, trustworthy and unbiased study Bible available. The Thompson® Chain Bible maintains that reputation today.
In 1913, to assure continued improvement and wide distribution of the Thompson® Chain-Reference® Bible, Dr. Thompson partnered with B.B. Kirkbride of Indianapolis, Indiana to form the Kirkbride Bible Company.
Today the Thompson® Chain-Reference® Study System presents a complete library in one volume containing more than 78 practical features for in depth Scriptural appreciation and understanding.
The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible® has been faithfully adapted to four Bible translations, King James, New King James, New International Version, and the New American Standard Version, while keeping all references true to the original.

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