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Acceptable forms of payment for your product purchases include credit card, PayPal, personal/business/cashiers check, and money orders. We do not accept bank transfers, Western Union, or foreign money orders.
Products paid for with credit cards or PayPal (balance or credit card funded) payments will be immediately released for fulfillment.
Products paid for with money orders or cashiers checks will be released for fulfillment when the payment has been received and deposited in our bank account.
Products paid for with personal or business checks will be placed on ship hold for up to ten days after deposit into our bank account while the check clears.
Please do not send cash. We will not be held responsible for cash payments that don't arrive or are lost.
For your security and protection we do not store any credit card information on our servers.

Your order will usually ship within two business days of your completed payment. Some items such as refurbed Visioneer scanners take longer as these are reconditioned just prior to shipping.
Our inventory resides both at our Vancouver headquarters and in warehouses located around the country. Your order will ship from available stock that is nearest the geographical location of it's destination.

Domestic Shipping...
Standard shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail, FedEx Ground, or UPS Ground. Expedited shipping may be optionally selected and paid for when you check out.

International Shipping...
International shipping methods vary depending on the destination country. Rates also vary widely. Our system will estimate international shipping charges at payment time. Occasionally the estimated shipping charges will be too high or too low. We will communicate with the purchaser to work out the difference in either direction.
Shipping insurance is required for most international shipments
NOTE: We do not nor will we misrepresent products and prices on customs documents. All information will be factual and true.

We notify you of the status of your purchase at each step of the process via email.
At point of sale you'll receive an email detailing your purchase as well as the payment status.
When needed, a second email will be sent with the projected shipment date.
When your package ships you'll receive another email containing shipment details with any tracking numbers assigned to the shipment.

Your Privacy...
Your privacy is important to us. Absolutely none of your personal information or your email address will be shared with any third party for any reason.
Should you choose to register your name and shipping information for quicker future transactions, you can rest assured that your information will be stored on locked and secured servers in our offices. Unauthorized persons will never have access to your information. This information will be used solely by the purchaser and Boomers Supply for viewing/tracking past and present orders and fulfilling new orders.

Guarantees & Warranties...
Item descriptions contain warranty information for each individual product.
Packing slip/receipts that come included in your shipment will provide proof of purchase.
Most new products carry manufacture's warranties that vary from product to product.
Some refurbed items also carry a manufacture's warranty. Other refurbed items may carry a warranty serviced by Boomers Supply.
Payment of return shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser
We also provide a customer satisfaction warranty; if within ten days of receiving your product you are not satisfied, contact Boomers Supply for return information. Re-stocking fees may apply.

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