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20 Watt QRP Linear Amplifier Kit for Amateur Radio 40 Meters
The QAMP40 amateur radio linear amplifier kits are easy one evening kits. Connected to your QRP transmitter, they provide that extra punch while operating in marginal propagation conditions. May be driven with 1/2 to 2 watts...
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Expected Replenishment Date: Discontinued
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PLEASE NOTE: Ramsey has discontinued all their consumer kits. All of our QAMP kits are now sold out with no stock remaining.

For a little extra boost to get your QRP signal through the QRN/QRM, This nifty little amplifier may be all you need. Believe it or not 20 watts is only 7db (about one S unit!) less power than a full sized commercial transceiver. These compact amplifiers are easily driven by any unit in the 1/2-2 watt range. Advanced power MOSFETs are used for the utmost in efficiency and purity, while a multistage low pass filter is used to assure a clean signal output. Power required is only 12 VDC at 2 to 4 amps, depending upon power input. Complete step-by-step instructions are provided which makes building the kit a breeze. The amplifier works well for all modes: CW, SSB and AM. Case included.

We've built several QAMP kits. It was found that this is an easy one evening project. The instructions are easy to follow. The circuit board and components seemed to be good quality and the amp works good with SoftRock transceivers.
  • Works great with any 1/2-2W transmitter
  • Built in T/R relay automatically switches between RX and TX
  • Operates all modes...CW, SSB or AM
Please allow ten business day shipping for this item.

See for lots of information about the QAMP Linear Amplifier kits... Linear Amplifier Forum and Ramsey 20 Watt Linear Amplifier Buildup Journal

To order more than one amplifier of different bands, after clicking order for the first, return to this page and select an amplifier for another band.

12v Power Supply Not Included
NOTE: An FCC amateur radio license is required to operate this amplifier.

Boomers Supply is a Ramsey authorized dealer

User Manual for 20 Watt QRP Linear Amplifier Kit for Amateur Radio 40 MetersView The 20 Watt QRP Linear Amplifier Kit for Amateur Radio 40 Meters User Manual .
What You Get...
20, 30, or 40 Meter QRP Linear Amplifier Kit

Your satisfaction is our guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within ten days for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).
Software and consumables may not be returned.
Restocking fees may apply upon return of some items.
Unassembled kits may be returned within ten days of receipt. Parts and components are warranted against failure for 90 days.

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