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Visioneer Portable Scanner Refurb / Repair Service
Visioneer Portable Scanner Refurb / Repair Service
We will recondition your Strobe (S-10, Pro, XP 100, XP 200, XP 220) Scanners for a flat rate including return shipping.
60 Day Warranty + Free Return Shipping!

Product #: VisRefurb   In Stock: 865

Our Price: $37.00

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Visioneer Portable Scanner Refurb / Repair Service

STOP! Don't throw away that Visioneer portable scanner that no longer performs up to par. Have it reconditioned to like new operating condition for a flat fee that even includes free return shipping.

We are the only company in the world that reconditions portable Visioneer scanners. We have sold literally thousands of reconditioned portable scanners and can count on two hands the number that have been returned under warranty.

Your scanner will be disassembled and meticulously cleaned, lubed and thoroughly tested.

There is a failure condition with Strobe Pros that cause the scanner to lockup with the strobe lit up in the middle of a scan and usually prevents any successful scans at all. This condition occurs on about 25% of the Strobe Pros we purchase. The control board inside all reconditioned Strobe Pro scanners will be updated with a retrofit to repair and prevent this failure from occurring in the future.

During normal use sheetfet scanners accumulate paper lint and debris which will ultimately degrade image quality and mechanical performance. The glass on the strobe module collects whiteout, sticky gum, ink and other substances which causes streaking in the scanned image. So, before tossing your scanner and buying one of those ''as-is'' or ''powers up' scanners, have it reconditioned including our 60 day guarantee.

Scanners received for reconditioning that have faulty control boards may be deemed non-repairable, depending on our current stock of boards. We will gladly return these to you at your cost for shipping. Any funds received for non-repairable scanners will be promptly refunded.
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What You Get...

Refurb Service for your Visioneer Portable Sheet-fed Scanner with free return shipping.

What To Do...
Once you've purchased the refurb service you'll receive our shipping address located here in Washington state. Carefully box up your scanner with plenty of padding and ship it using any method you choose to the address that you'll receive at purchase time. You may remove the paper return from the back of the scanner as the tabs on these break easily if not packed well. Print and include a copy of your purchase receipt to identify you and your return address.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within ten days for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).
Software and consumables may not be returned.
Restocking fees may apply upon return of some items.

Your scanner will be cleaned, lubed, inspected, and certified by 1stComm Networks. If your scanner fails under normal use within 60 days, we will repair it free of charge. Scanners returned with poor image quality due to contaminated or streaked laser module glass are exempt from this warranty.

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