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5 Pole Grounded 2KW Coax Antenna Switch by B&W - Ham Radio
This mounted rear exit coaxial switch is perfect for the ham shack
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Product #: 590G
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5 Pole Grounded 2KW Coax Antenna Switch by B&W - Ham Radio

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Mounted in a painted utility box, with it's rear mount SO239 connectors, this coax switch rests on your desktop for easy reach. Rated at the amateur radio legal limit of 2KW, the B&W 590G can handle the most powerful station's antennas. Off positions are grounded when not in use.
. NOTE: I hold an FCC amateur radio extra class license. As much as I would like to post my call here, because I'm heavily involved in eBay selling, I prefer not to divulge it for security reasons.
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