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45' Antenna Tower for Ham Radio CB TV Cell - Rohn W/ Mast Plates
One five foot and four ten foot tower sections, this guyed antenna tower is perfect for that ham radio or CB enthusiast.
Product #: HamTower
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45' Antenna Tower for Ham Radio CB TV Cell - Rohn W/ Mast Plates

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This 45' tower easily supported a twelve foot mast with my large 15 meter four element yagi and 10 meter four element yagi beams driven by a CDE Ham III rotor. Three standard guy wires attached near the top of the tower are sufficient for any application. One ten foot section is heavier duty than the rest, with W bracing and hi-strength 1 3/16'' uprights. Three ten foot sections feature hi-strength 1'' OD heavy steel uprights utilizing cross bracing as well as the additional five foot section which was a 10' that has been cut short. The outer dimension of all sections is 12.5''.
I bolted the heavy duty section to angle iron embedded in a yard of concrete and mounted the remaining sections above. The smaller diameter uprights fit perfectly in the larger lower section with the help of short lengths of the correct diameter pipe.
Structurally the tower is straight and in excellent condition with no cracks, breaks, or rust and should provide many years of trouble free service. There is some rust on the short lengths of un-galvonized pipe used to mate the lower section to the rest of the tower, so you might want to replace those.

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I mounted aluminum boiler plate bearing mounts in the 5' top section. The current bearings are fashioned from PVC and should probably be replaced if it's planned to run a mast through again.

Also Included...
Included with this action is a heavy duty plate that can be used to mount a thrust bearing or rotor. Also included is a heavy iron boiler plate roof mounted support cut to fit this tower.

Local Pickup ONLY in Vancouver, WA near Portland, OR
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